Quilt Trail

What is a Barn Quilt and a Quilt Trail?

Barn Quilts are painted quilt squares-usually on boards and then mounted on a barn or other building. While cloth quilts are usually made up of a series of squares of the same pattern placed together, a barn quilt is almost always a single square.

In many communities, an organizing group organize their Barn Quilts into a trail. Some are guided walks in a downtown area that include historical buildings. More often, quilt trails take visitors on a drive through the countryside where Barn Quilts are mounted on farm buildings, on homes, along fences, and sometimes on freestanding posts. Fiver Rivers RC&D Quilts will be hung on stable structures of businesses, homes, and farms.

The pattern for a particular Barn Quilt may be chosen for myriad reasons. Often the Barn Quilt is a replica of a painted quilt that resides on the property or honors a loved one. A pattern may be selected because of its name. Sometimes, the Barn Quilt is simply one whose pattern is appealing to either its creators or its owners.

Barn Quilts also include custom patterns. Some are variations on classic blocks, with an added element such as an animal or a logo.

A few artists have painted unique Barn Quilts that could be created in cloth but are not based on existing quilt patterns.

Most Barn Quilt Squares are made up of simple geometric shapes that include large blocks of color. These quilt patterns are both the simplest to paint and the easiest to spot and to enjoy from a distance.


Do you live in Cheatham, Davidson, Dickson, Houston, Humphreys, Montgomery, Robertson, or Stewart County?

Interested in hanging a barn quilt and becoming part of the Five Rivers RC&D Quilt Trail?

Interested in Five Rivers RC&D helping out with some of the expenses?

Already have a barn quilt and want to be on the Five Rivers RC&D Quilt Trail? We can do that too! (No reimbursement)

Fill out an application today and return to us to get started!

Five Rivers RC&D Quilt trail app

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